Best 5 Cheap Ultrawide Monitors in 2018!

top 5 ultrawide monitors

Hello everyone now welcomes to our new article well today we are going to check out the top 5 best ultra wide monitors in 2018

I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price-quality durability and more, if you want to find out the price and more information about these monitors you can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below, also if you could win one of these monitors which one would it leave your reply it down in the comment section, ok so let’s get started.

5 Samsung CF791


At number 5 we have the same time Samsung CF791 regardless if you’re a business guy or a gamer this monitor combines the best of these two worlds into one piece, it is made by Samsung which means that you can simply not go wrong if you choose this monitor, from a design perspective the CF 791 features a 34 in vertical alignment panel with quantum dot technology and uses nano-sized light emitting crystals for delivering sharp colors while not consuming too much energy.

Moreover, the panel has a 34 40 by 1440 resolution with 100 Hertz refresh rate and the speaker ratio is 29 by 9, the panel is white and covered hundred percent of the SRGB color spectrum it is compatible with MDS free sync engineering technology. The screen looks modern it is whitely embezzled free accompanied by silver trim and is supported by a round base and arm which enables you to tilt it for 36 degrees or adjust the height up to 4 inches.

Now let’s talk about the connectivities there are two HDMI 2.0 input a display port input two USB 3.0 ports a headphone jack and a small joystick controller which powers up the monitor or for selecting input sources enabling picture-in-picture modes and accessing the menu settings, in addition it has dual 7 watt speakers built-in that produce moderate loudness and bass from a performance perspective this model increases your productivity because it equips you with multitasking.

This means that you can use Sampson’s picture by picture function which lets you connect to input sources with the HDMI and DisplayPort but maintaining the original image quality. Furthermore you can resize the second image to cover up to 25 percent of the screen and position it as you like, the CF 791 is ultra wide and has a curvature of thousand at five hundred dollars so it will produce a full cinematic experience and on the other side if you make you enjoy your favorite games.

On the other side because it features quantum dot technology colors will be very natural and this means that the visual data will be pretty realistic. If you are not yet convinced of how powerful this monitor is then this monitor can also deliver 3000 to 1 contrast ratio thanks to the Samsung invest V a panel technology, gamers will be really satisfied with this model because the screen refresh rate as I stated before hundred Hertz which minimizes the stutter but if you add the response time of four milliseconds the game mode function and am this precinct appealability your gaming experience will be great and you will enjoy playing your favorite video games.


Next up at number four we have the Asus MX34VQ this is one of the most affordable 3441 1440

Ultra-wide monitors that you can get with a refresh rate of a hundred horse, in addition, it comes with a Qi wireless charging base support for free sync and has Harman Kardon speakers built in that are capable of delivering high-quality sound, from a design perspective the MX 34 P Q is bezel-free as a black and silver finish with a clear see-through base that looks really modern.

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This Club monitor has a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees it is equipped with the Asus eye care technology paired with TUV Rheinland certificate plus it has backlighting and blue light filter for minimizing eye fatigue, this means that you can use it for hours and you won’t feel tired don’t have any pain in your eyes that would make you feel uncomfortable.

The include is 10 is pretty durable you can tilt it 5 degrees forward and 15 degree backward which makes it very flexible, moreover it features a really high contrast ratio which is three thousand to one which is going to produce bright light every dark black and the end result is an extraordinary visual experience. Now let’s talk about the connectivities there are three is the mi 2.0 ports one 1.2 DisplayPort connector 3.5-millimeter audio input it what Harman Kardon speakers which are placed at the bottom and the 5-way mini joystick controller for navigation but unfortunately there isn’t a USB hub on this monitor.

I’m sure that you want to learn more about this monitor and also get information about this performance and features so let’s start explaining. The will think you are a wireless charger is going to help you with wires, because it has a transparent base which will automatically charge any Qi-compatible devices from the moment they’re placed on the base, the base also has built-in LEDs that will shine an order or like glow during the charging so you can enjoy the beautiful visual experiments.

Furthermore the screen surface is great for handling glares which means that it will avoid any reflection and you can enjoy watching your favorite movies dude related to work or game without getting disrupted, overall it’s a pretty nice monitor that has a ton of features and doesn’t cost that much considering what it has to offer, so I definitely recommend this fighter to everyone.


Next up at number three we are the Acer Predator X34, is a predator x34 is the first curved g-sync monitor in the world that performs aesthetically especially when it comes to gaming, from a design perspective the x34 features the bezel-free design with an IPS panel that is wrapped in a metal frame for protection, on the front of the display you can see the predator logo which is not that bright and it won’t affect the overall aesthetics, the display has a glossy black finish it features an anti-glare coating what the base is table and made of heavy duty metal but it also has an eco mode for reducing the power consumption 236 pads.

In addition, the bag has a strong dynamic angle with an ergonomic tilt with which you can adjust the height based on your desire, there are also LED lights on the bottom that will illuminate your peripherals but even though they are not that strong they look great during the night while your lights are turned off.

Now let’s talk about the connectivities there are four downstream USB 3.0 ports one upstream 3.0 port one DisplayPort 1.2 one 3.5 millimeter audio out and two built-in 7 watts DTS sound speakers, you can use the ports for connecting your keyboard mouse or any other peripherals and you can also charge your smartphone really fast. Moreover, the 34 inches curved IPS display is accompanied by the ultra wide q HD technology that produces 34 40 by 1440 resolution which can entertain you from every corner and you will not miss any spot.

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The experience regardless if it is for gaming or work-related it will be elevated to a whole new level. This monitor is perfect when it comes to image presentation, it can cover up to 100% of the SRGB color gamut and there are six-axis color adjustments for ensuring that everything will be presented clearly, when it comes to gaming this is a really good monitor that features a protects flicker less and blue light filtering technology. This feature will prevent getting a computer vision syndrome that would affect the only overall health of your eyes and also you will be able to lower the amount of blue light output to protect yourself from any side effects given by the blue lights, but that’s not all if you combine the response time of four milliseconds the refresh rate of 60 Hertz that can be overclocked to 100 Hertz and you can kill the display 5 degrees forward 35 degrees back raise it or lower it about 5 inches you get an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

If you’re not yet convinced you can also take advantage of the g-sync which will eliminate screen tearing or started during your gameplay all you have to do is just seeing the monitor directly to the PCs graphics card and you’re good to go. Overall this is one of the best monitors in the market that performs outstandingly and you will love it from the first moment you turn it on.


Next up at number two we are the Asus Rog Swift PG348Q Asus again this company wants to surprise the whole industry by presenting the Rog Swift PG348Q Ultrawide monitor that is worthy of having, from design perspective it features a 34 inch curved ultrawide IPS panel that can deliver a resolution of up to 34 40 by 1440 moreover it features an anti-glare display that is extremely strong and even if you press hard on it the picture will not distort the base can emit a light that can be adjusted with the three brightness settings in the on-screen display and there are the long legs made of aluminum with classy textured finish.

You can also adjust the height until the panel based on your preferences. Now let’s talk about the connectivities there are two built-in speakers one control joystick one DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 port and four USB 3.0 ports which is enough to connect your monitor with many of your peripherals, from a performance and feature perspective this model has through Bakke which means that you can toggle between many refresh rates and Nvidia g-sync display technology that would help in eliminating any screen tearing or display stutters.

The monitors panel curvature will produce vibrant and realistic images thanks to the hundred percent SRGB coverage accompanied by the thousand to 1 contrast ratio and a 10-bit color reproduction from the IPS panel, pour over the 21 by 9 aspect ratio will give a 35% more on-screen space if you compare it with those monitors that have WQHD technology, but that’s not all this ultrawide monitor has a Q easy technology with a pixel density of 209 pixels per inch for delivering detailed visual presentations if you’re a gamer you’ll be amazed at how to do this monitor east.

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It features an exclusive game plus technology that offers you an on-screen display with four different crosshair types time or FPS counter and display a line map functions overall this is one of the best ultra wide monitors in the market it is capable of producing short visuals and great gaming experience.


To finish off our list at number one we have the Acer Predator Z35 this is the true masterpiece regardless of which perspective you see it from is just another good reason to purchase it and get this beast in your home, from a design perspective it features a 35 infinity panel that can produce a maximum resolution of 2560 by 1080 with 21 by 9 aspect ratio. Moreover the screen has a magic anti-glare coating and is placed in a matte black cabinet with a red X and a curved back looks great doesn’t it the pair of native refresh rates is 144 Hertz which you can overclock it to a maximum of 200 Hertz, but that’s not all beneath the bottom bezel there are six buttons and a set of LED lights that can be programmed to shine in many colors and they will add a lot to the gaming environment.

Now let’s talk about the connectivities the z35 has a 1.2 DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 port 5 USB 3.0 ports from which one is placed on Ward 4 are placed outboard and two built-in nine was TTS sound speakers. From a performance perspective this model features Nvidia g-sync which minimizes any screen tearing or display stuttering moreover using the predator game view technology you can adjust the dark level set precise color adjustments and more.

The woofer low motion blur technology will help you a lot while you’re dealing with fast-moving gameplay and if you’ll show you every object perfectly shot without any ghosting for an even better gaming experience you can use the aim point more that has three programmable pictures and you can customize it for specific games to help you focus on your enemies. There is also five picture presets such as standard user eco graphics and movie presets.

Moreover you can select the blue light setting to reduce any eye pain and the dark boost for enhancing your shadow details and the adaptive contrast for adjusting brightness levels according to the screen content, also you don’t have to use your own speakers anymore because a two buildings on speakers paired with the Aether’s true harmony will deliver pretty good sound.

However, a headset will be better for gaming in my opinion before we end I want to mention that this monitor has a response time of 4 milliseconds that makes it pretty fast English for your overall visual experience. To conclude this monitor will change everything on which you were used to you won’t ever have to deal with leg again because it is very powerful and everything this place is of the highest quality.

Thank you for reading guys I hope you liked this article if you want to find out the price and more information about these ultra wide monitors you can check out the links down in the description and the comment section below and if you have any questions related to them leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can thank you again for reading I’ll see you as I can.

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