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Hello everyone
today’s we are going to check out
the top 5 best laptops under $500 I mean
this is based on my personal opinion and
I tried to find the best laptops that
offer the most for their price the
prices are under $500 as of today but to
be sure to always check out the links in
the description and the comment section
below for the most recent and updated
prices okay.

So let’s get started with
the number 5 where the Asus pin 5
notebook if you’re looking for a core you
laptop with a compact case and
flexibility for an affordable price then
this is the one for you from a design
the perspective is mostly built of
plastic, but the lid is covered in
aluminum with a brushed metal texture
and looks very pretty.

The rest of the
body is solid, and the leading case is built
of a thick piece with a textured
finishing meant to imitate brushed metal
to some extent, it weighs only 1.48
kilograms and it’s convenient
because it’s greener of this trend the
60 degrees and two-stroke engines bind
it to the main body.

When we speak about
connectivity features plenty of ports
three USB slots two of them are 2.0 and
one is 3.0 it has an HDMI Kensington
lock and a card reader
moreover, the keyboard is backlit and you
can choose between two intensity levels
which feel very smooth and you can type
for long hours without any problem all
of the keys fall accurately onto your
fingertips and that leads to fast and
comfortable typing the touchpad is
sufficiently sized made of plastic but
has a smooth surface with good gliding
capabilities it is very responsive, and
you’re given the opportunity.

For a multi-touch and two-finger scroll and
yes the display has an HD resolution
equipped with LED backlight and it
performs well when it comes to
visual representations by providing
sharp and vibrant colors filled with many
details the sound produced is excellent
so you won’t have any problems or curing
while listening to favorite songs on
high volume and if you are not satisfied
with the sound, you can use external
speakers or headphones for getting the
most out of your music overall I highly
recommend this laptop because of its

Visual design and the performance it is
very affordable and you can do almost
everything with it so it’s a great
laptop to dig deeply into and in my
opinion it is worth purchasing moving on

Number 4 we have the HP notebook
15 HP is well known for its youth
catalog of laptop
covering just about every possible use
at reasonable prices
also, this one is an excellent example of giving
your rich quality at the capability of
dealing with all of your everyday
demands without any problems the design
of the notebook 15 delivers grid
portability because it weighs only 4.6
pounds and it’s excellent for
multitasking and multimedia demands it
is made of plastic with a matte color
however, still, it’s an attractive device
opening the lid reveals a silver deck
with a subtle crosshatch design with a
The 1080p display is run by a chunky black

Technically speaking the cooling CPU eight
gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte hard
the drive will deal pretty well with your
the everyday usage you can have many tabs
open in Google Chrome listen to music
while doing your work and you want to
find any noticeable sign of lack of
stuttering this is great for this price.

Right when it comes to connectivity it
features a nice amount of ports such as
one USB 3.0 two USB 2.0 ports an HDMI
port one headphone output and one
microphone input combo the display is
reaching colors and produces a very
sharp visual representation of content
for your eyes.

You can notice every
detail without the problem as well the
a keyboard is pretty durable with no flex
and this helps you reach a large number
of words per minute, the keys are very
comfortable too so your fingertips won’t
feel sore when you’re using it for hours.

The touchpad is working well and you can
swipe or zoom around the web without any
a problem this is a great feature
considering this laptops price, you can
expect a laptop on this price range to
be an audio superstar but this 15.6 inch
a computer will serve you perfectly fine at.

Number 3 where the Asus chromebox sleeps
III or two the Asus Chromebook flip is
priced to compete with entry-level
laptops and yet it has a look and feels
of a premium thing, the body is all
aluminum and glass making it visually
clean with a weight on the aesthetics
two hinges allow the lid to rotates 360
degrees you can use it in flips tent
tent or tablet mode and also.

This device weighs two-point forty-three
pounds making it incredibly light and
versatile than 12.5 inches full HD screen
displays bright and accurate images with
a wide-angle view and it is very
sensitive and quick when you want to use
a touchscreen mode the connectivity is
great it features Bluetooth 4.0 microSD slot
and us.

Three-point-one pores they can be used
for data or charging the keyboard is
remarkably comfortable to type on
because it uses a scissor card mechanism
and on first 1.4 millimeters of travel
keys are flat and made of plastic but
feel very comfortable on your fingers
and are also accurate.

So you can type
with speed and you won’t have issues
with miss type buttons the trackpad is
also the remarkable feature of this laptop
it has a beautiful and simplistic design
and it is tremendous responsive and
comfortable as well
quality audio and it is pretty loud as
well, but if you want to taste the sound.

Even more, you can plug your favorite
headphones or read but and enjoy working
or free time with ease this laptop
strength is the fantastic battery which
can be used for up to 10 hours as longer
then most of the laptops at this price
range so this is another good reason to
purchase this laptop.

Overall for less than $500, this is
probably the best Chromebook for many
people it is the swift response and
has a great keyboard screen and battery
life another great thing is that you can
even play Android games, so that makes it
a great laptop overall and so it can do
almost anything,

There’s not much more to say about the
except it’s pretty durable has a great
design and can do a lot of things which
many laptops at the same price range can
do so that makes it a great laptop if
you still don’t know which one to go for
because this laptop will probably
provide you with anything you might need
moving on at

Number 2 we have the Acer Chromebook
r-13 the Acer Chromebook R 13 is an
affordable Chromebook and by being a
convertible laptop with a touchscreen
capable of 360-degree rotation beautiful
design and also performance make it a
must for your shortlist it has an eye
catching design because of the aluminum case
it weighs three point eight pounds and
because of the versatility when used in
many modes.

Such as display mode death
mode and pad mode it has the multicolor
chrome logo on the lid and uses a single
full hinge rather than dual hooks often
found on smaller convertible hybrid
laptops the connectivities offers dark
reddish stable it has an HD webcam for
video calls in 720p side mounted
speakers micro SD card slot a USB 3.0
port Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI out and USB
type-c port for display the 13.3 inch
IPS touchscreen is in Full HD and
produces the visualization of the highest
quality by this.

I think of resharpening
colors that make you able to notice
every single detail the fact that is
near rotate 360 degrees gives you more
the comfort of using it in many modes such
as a tablet laptop or a ten basically no
matter how you use it you’re given 100%
comfort there are 13 stereo speakers
are great they are placed on the bottom
of the machine and give you clear
crystal clear and a low tone even though.

Most of that offer hybrids in this
category lack quality audio this thing
produces beautiful sound indeed the
a keyboard is very well designed and the
keys are soft and comfortable to type in
making you capable of typing fast and
the touchpad is very responsive to you.

Know that you don’t have to press hard
making it a real joy for using it for
hours to finish off our list at number
one we have the Acer Aspire a 15 the
Acer Aspire a 15 is the best laptop in
this price range in my opinion because
it comes with a pretty good processor a
excellent battery life and a pretty nice
design the Acer Aspire
815 is made of black plastic with a
a dark grey matte lid that has a subtle
crosshatch pattern and texture along
with a deck that looks like a forest
aluminum and weighs about 5.3 pounds
despite its bulk, it manages to cut a
trim profile thanks to its deeper shell
and you.

brush finish it offers a relatively
gorgeous section of pores such as USB
3.0 USB 3.1 type C vg8 audio HDMI and
Gigabit Ethernet port there is also
single USB 2.0 port 3.5-millimeter audio
jack and an SD card reader the screen is
surprisingly good for a laptop that
costs under $500 as it offers a full HD
display with rich and vibrant colors
which shows a lot of detail and you have
a good view in perspective no matter
your angles the keyboard and the
a trackpad is very accurate and advocate
for navigating menus.

As well as
pinpointing spreadsheet cells the keys
are backlit very good looking and
comfortable and you can type very fast
allowing you to be more productive no
matter what you are doing on the laptop
they fall very well onto your
fingertip, and you won’t even feel that
you are typing on anything.

This makes it
a great laptop on which you can work for
hours the dual stereo speakers are
embedded in the front edge of the SP 15 and
are pretty loud they produce nice
detailed sound but of course in this
price range you can expect the same
audio quality as in more expensive
laptops the battery is impressive
because it can last up to 12 hours

Even though it is a 15-inch laptop equipped
with excellent gear, so it is pretty power
efficient overall the Acer Aspire a 15
delivers outstanding performance for a cheap
price tag it has a beautiful design
great performance comfortable keyboard
or screen and an impressive battery life
so if you have a busy life where you
have to spend most of your time on a
laptop put on a limited budget then the
Acer is Peri 15 will be the correct
the choice for you.

Thank you for READING guys I hope you
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